After years of development, countless tastings and reformulations, Badger’s unparalleled taste has finally arrived. Old-World class meets the fierceness and unrelenting nature of the Badger.  Made with the world’s best, all-natural flavors in this collection of high-end cocktail mixers. Proudly produced in the USA and designed for the most discerning palates; Badger’s Tonic Water, Club Soda and Ginger Beer are designed to be mixed with your favorite top shelf spirit, but can also be enjoyed on their own.  For an elevated experience, choose Badger.  Raising The Bar™

Why a badger?  A badger is considered to be one of the toughest, fiercest and most unrelenting animals in the world.  We admire the badger for its gritty nature and engrain its tenacious spirit into our commitment to quality ingredients and tasting experience.

Badger Bevs, LLC was founded in 2022 by David Vogel.  David is partnered with the Bishop Family, founders of Sobe Beverages and Blue Buffalo Pet Products.  Together they plan to bring Badger to America’s best bars, restaurants, country clubs, hotels, cruise lines and retailers.

Badger Drink Mixers Icon
Badger Bevs Tonic with craft cocktail and garnish
Girl drinking cocktail with Badger Bevs best Tonic Water
Effervescence from Badger best Tonic Water
Bartender adding garnish to cocktail made with Badger best Tonic Water